5 Teas You Should Try

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I started drinking tea in the beginning of the year when I started out on my O-Levels crash course. I had to pull an all-nighter almost everyday. There were times I slept on the kitchen floor, haha. Primarily because I love my family and I LOVE watching TV with them. Don't get me talking about the new Turkish series "Black Money Love", gah. It is amazing. It keeps you on edge throughout the episode. I love it. I do wish Elif was less of a whiner. Back to business. I am the queen of procrastination and I am also a night owl since birth. Thus, my last and only resort was to study hard after midnight with Snapchat breaks in between.

At first I started out with coffee to keep myself up and running because I love coffee as much as tea. I like my coffee bitter and hot. That's exactly how I like my tea. 

(This post is dedicated to a pair of lovely twins in the blog space, Noor is a tea-lover and Areeba is a tea-loather and we want Areeba to hop on the tea bandwagon. Let's do this.)


It so happened that one day, I accidentally had three super strong cups of coffee and around 8 AM after staying awake all night, I passed out on the kitchen floor. I knew it was coffee. I don't consume such a large amount of caffeine usually. Granted I drink Coke like a madwoman but three super strong cups of coffee are, well, TOO MUCH. Anyways, I decided to quit cold turkey. Just kidding. I wouldn't mind a cup or two every now and then (i.e. all day everyday). But in order to study I need to stay mentally stable and coffee was definitely not helping. My caffeine alternative? Green tea. DUN DUNN DUNNNN. Fast forward a year, I am pretty much a crazy tea lady. A proud one. I just love how soothing it is. I do hate chai lattes/masala chai/chai with a passion which is the mainstream idea of tea here. There is so much more to the word tea, my people, so much. 

Here are a few of my favorites. 

I like the brand Tapal at the moment but they don't have a berry tea. The berry flavor is by Alokozay, which is actually black tea, not green. The berry flavor is pretty mild but it's a treat nonetheless. 

FAVORITE OF FAVORITES: Moroccan mint. I LOVE mint in every way, shape or form except for beverages made from fresh mint leaves. I know, I am a little odd like that. I just don't like anything fresh. But Moroccan mint tea is JUST divine. It makes me count my blessings. It's that good.

LEAST FAVORITE: Cardamom. Meh. When I started out with green tea, I drank cardamom tea. Unlike the other flavors, this one doesn't have a specialty. The jasmine one has such a nice aroma (my mom, however, thinks it tastes like perfume) and the lemon one is super soothing. The Moroccan mint in out of question, it's incomparable and the berry one reminds me of candy. Which leaves cardamom and it is just boring.

I hope you liked this post and wish me luck for being more consistent. The thing is, I love coding and love making my blog visually appealing. I am just never satisfied but really, I will make an effort to actually write a blog now. In the mean time, bear with me and encourage me to write more in the comments section down below. You have no idea how much it matters. Later everybody. Have a great weekend. Again, don't mind the grammatical errors. they are a product of my reckless typing. 

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  1. That's quite a variety. I love every sort of tea, let it be green or the masala one. Whenever I visit a new cafe, the first thing I order is their tea (to see their quality, it's probably weird, but it helps. Haha!)
    Thanks for the love. Welcome to blogland!!! Stay consistent 'cause blogging is so fun. And your blog layout is so lovely.

    1. Thank you!!! Still tweaking the template. Will try my best to stay consistent.