Life For Dummies (like me): Guide To A Better 2016

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

As 2015 approaches to an end, I think it's about time I recount my deeds this year. Ah, no. That would make me sad, very sad. Because the BAD side on the scale seems to be much heavier. BUT - as I say, there's always a but - the good thing is, I am aware of the bad deeds. Okay no. Let's call them mistakes and not bad deeds because that reminds me of the time I accidentally held a napkin with hot glue I had just squeezed out of the very(x100) HOT glue gun, just for fun. And boy, did that remind me of hell fire. I burned three fingers and had a nice big blister (my first, say Masha'Allah. No don't.) on my thumb. And that really does remind me of HELL FIRE. But since I am aware of and admit the mistakes I have made, instead of dwelling on them and feeling guilty, I'd teach myself a lesson and then help you. (I'll try to, at least.)

2015 was undoubtedly a rough year. It felt really, really long. It honestly felt like an entire decade, I kid you not. Because back in January, I started a 4 month crash course, took my CIE's in May and that seems like a billion years ago. In May, another thing happened, something that left an indelible mark on my stupid little heart, hence my personality. I am now, a cold, stone-hearted 90 year old that has almost no care in the world. In June, I started another crash course to prepare for the rest of the exams I just took. In August I got results for my May/June exams. I was stoked, at first. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. I got two A*'s and two A's. Although, I could've done better, amongst all the crap I was going through, this seemed to be the silver lining. Oct/Nov results will be out in January and will be a make-or-break factor in how 2016 turns out. They were terrible didn't go very well , and I am definitely the one to blame. I really need your prayers. I am currently enjoying/enduring what you could call a winter break, but honestly, I'd rather go to school or get a job or something. I hate being watched when I am idle because the people around me don't like it when I am idle and that sparks an argument. And I don't like arguing at all.

So, as you can tell, A LOT happened. The 'thing' that happened back in May, during my exams, which "left an indelible mark on my personality" is quite tragic and I'd like to keep it to myself. But it was very important. And also very sad. The point is, life had a lot of lemons in stock and it wholeheartedly threw them at me. ALL AT ONCE.

But I will not change a thing about this year except for one (one which I just mentioned above), despite the lemons. Whatever happens, happens for my/your/our own good. And hey, it made my memoir a whole lot interesting (that's enough though). Stick around, it will be out soon. Haha. Probably NOT.

Now let's learn and preach. Here's a list of ten tips that might help make 2016 a teeny bit better.

1. Shut up. No seriously, shut up! I am not being rude or anything but it's always better to shut your mouth and be the better one, even if the other person is wrong.
(I am still struggling with this one.)

2. Make the most of your time you get with your family. No matter what happens, they'll be there. I know, many of you might be thinking your sister/brother or any other member of the family is a total pain in the butt. I know, they totally are most of the time, but they are the ones who have seen your best and your worst. So, if they are being a pain just calm down, give them THE SILENT TREATMENT *shudders* and they'll be back on track in no time.

3. There's this phrase we use here, "Insaan ko izzat raas nahi ati." (Translation (something along the lines of): "A man cannot handle dignity/respect.") and whoever said it, was a pure genius. The translation doesn't do justice to it's true meaning. I just realized how true this is, very recently. The people who respect you and are sincerely nice to you, you always act like a sassy little meanie when you're around them and the people who don't respect you - but you want them to like you - you give them everything you have. In the end, you end up with no one. So the lesson here is, those who respect you and love you, give your all to them. Those who don't respect you, try to get them to, but if they don't budge, part ways on good terms instead of wasting your time and energy. 

4. Don't show off. For the love of God, don't! Don't project everything nice you're doing on your social media. If you're having a good time, then make the most out of it. Live in the moment. If you can't do that, or if it is a part of your job, maybe just let people know every now and then that life isn't all rainbows and unicorns.
There are a lot of people on this planet who at their lowest right now. When a girl in a crappy one room apartment scrolls through your glamorous Instagram feed, she won't think about the lengths you went to make your plate of food look like it just came out of a five star restaurant. They look at that scrumptious meal sitting on a giant dining table. She wouldn't know that you didn't have anyone to share your food with or you had an eating disorder. She'd envy you. Please don't do it all the time. It isn't just having an impact on them but it also has an impact on you too. All the likes and lovely comments encourage you and there comes a point when everything you do is not for your own satisfaction but for all the likes and the attention. If you do post a picture of scrumptious food, give back by posting the recipe. Haha.

5. If you really, really want something, and you have the means to get your hands on it, then go get it. Suppose you really, really want those heels you've been eyeing since forever but you know that you won't really wear them. Just buy them girl. Go for it. I know this somewhat contradicts what I previously said but if it makes YOU really, really, really happy, then don't hold back. And it doesn't always have to be a material thing. Let's say, you have an incredible idea in your head but you're afraid to say it out loud, for you fear that others might find it stupid. You know what? If you really think it is a good idea, forget what others would think. Get it off your shoulders. What if this is THE LADDER of your success? If they find it stupid, laugh it off and move on. It's just as simple as that. 

6. Compliment people more often. I started doing it last year after I came across the website "Gives Me Hope" (please go, check it out after reading this post). I'd compliment sales girl at malls, girls in my high school, little kids, old ladies. I compliment people's faces, teeth, eyes, writing, giggle, hands, smell (Do this at your own risk. It might make you sound like a creep), voice, outfit, honesty, anything. The delight on their faces is honestly the most rewarding feeling ever. Compliment people and maybe it'd make their, otherwise grim, Monday a tiny bit better.

7. Count your blessings. You have many.

8. Don't burden yourself more than you can bear. We all do it. I've don't it. You have done it too. There comes a point when you just break down and loose your wits and even the things which seem to be going fine, get swallowed up by the tornado of late assignments, forever pending blog posts, deadlines to be met and text messages to be replied. Deal with one thing at a time. If you're keeping up with both the virtual and real world at the expense of your mental health then sit back and prioritize. Nothing is more important than YOU. If you don't have the mental and physical strength to handle all of it at once, maybe it's about time you take a break from the online world or maybe your studies. Maybe you need some Netflix or perhaps some Adele. If you keep pushing yourself towards what you know is the breaking point, all your efforts will turn out to be fruitless.

9. Future planning is useless. Don't worry about the future. You have no clue what it holds and neither you have the power to mould it to your liking. Instead of fretting over it, you might as well just pray, and hope, for the best.

10. Lastly, make people happy but be sure to please the One (in case you just don't get it, I am talking about God) looking over you as well. You and I have no idea how long we will live so better yet make the most of each and every moment. Smile more often. Be happy everybody! Another thing, don't be annoying. Seriously. I'll through you out the window closest to you, right now, if you bother others. 

Next post might be about my goals for 2016 which, obviously, I will never meet unless they have something to do with academics.

May the odds be ever in your (and mine too) favor.

Happy new year in advance.

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  1. 2015 has been disastrous for me too, but my favorite disastrous one. Like my favorite trouble. At one point I thought I'd die, of embarrassment or humility or self doubts but I survived. And I've never felt this year could be better than that. It was self destructive, I lost a lot, I gained a lot & I'm ready to kick 2016's ass off already. I don't know what happened to you but I hope you feel better about it and find it empowering someday.

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. Thank you so much Areeba. I just hope 2016 is kinder to all of us. Enough of the constant drama already, life! We all need some peace now.